EFT Option For South African Adsense Publishers

It has been much await for years and now it is finally here. Google Adsense will be paying South African publishers via EFT. Some beta testing was done in May 2014 and by June all South African Adsense publishers that we know have confirmed that the EFT option is available for them. It is long overdue but warmly welcomed. The days of hassling over cheque payments for earnings is over and there is no need to fork out R190 in courier fees for secure cheque payments.

adsenseIf you do not know what the buzz is all about then you may want to read our post on Google Adsense for South African publishers. Basically Adsense is a platform where webmasters and bloggers could allow Google to publish ads on their websites or blogs, respectively. In return they earned a portion of the advertiser’s media spend. Google kept the rest. It was a handy way of monetizing a website or blog that did not have other revenue streams available.

But Adsense is not just about earning a few Rands here and there. Some Adsense publishers were making thousands, and even tens of thousands, of Rands per month. Most publishers were benefitting from the CPC route, where they earn a few cents or Rands every time one of their website or blog visitors clicked an ad. Once the earnings accrue above a threshold amount (R1,000 for South African publishers) then Google would pay the publisher in Rands.

Check (Post or Courier) and EFT for Adsense Earnings

The problem in the past was that the only form of payment for South African Adsense publishers was by check (or cheque as we say it here in South Africa). For years South African webmasters and bloggers have been appealing to Google through online forums to switch over to EFT for payments, or even consider Western Union through ABSA. Their cries went largely unheard despite the EFT option being made available for other African countries.

Adwords is still one of the most popular online advertising methods for South African businesses. Understandably South African publishers were keen to churn out local content in order to capitalise on South African traffic, and grab a piece of the media spend by local businesses. But it was frustrating waiting for cheques by post which could sometimes take as long as 3 weeks. Of course, cheques may get lost and sometimes a publisher may receive the wrong cheque (meant for another publisher).

There was a secure cheque option whereby publishers could lose R190 in courier fees and DHL would deliver the Adsense cheque to their door. Usually this was about 10 days after the cheque was issued. Although R190 may not seem like much, for some smaller publishers it was a sizable chunk of their earnings. Who would want to lose R190 and have to wait, yet sometimes still receive the wrong cheque. Errors were uncommon with Google but it nevertheless does occur.

The EFT option instantly overcomes most of these obstacles. Now South African publishers can have their earnings deposited in their South African bank accounts. If the system is anything like it is in other countries with the EFT option, South African publishers should have the money in the bank around the 25th of every month. It really is an exciting time for Adsense publishers here in South Africa and hopefully the initial bumps in the road will be ironed out soon.

Some tips for enabling EFT

  • Adsense does not ask for the bank name. Your branch code identifies which South African bank your account is held at.
  • Try to use the universal branch code, like 250655 for FNB. Using the code of the branch where you bank can result in errors.
  • There is no test deposit once you switch to EFT payments. This is done in some countries but not for the EFT option to South African Adsense publishers.
  • Expect payment somewhere between¬† the 25th and the last day of the month. Check up on the payment status to spot any errors.

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