How to Add Media (Pictures, Videos, Audio and Documents)

You may need to add media (pictures, videos, audio files or documents) to your WordPress website and there are two ways to do this. Always bear in mind that you have limited disk space on your website. Avoid adding large files that may use up the disk space or slow down your website. Sometimes third party hosting services are better options – for example you can add a video to Youtube and then embed it to play on your WordPress website.

Method 1: Add to the Media Library

Pictures, videos, audio files and documents can be uploaded directly to the media section of your WordPress website.

  1. Log into WordPress.
  2. Click on Media on the left side menu. You will be redirected to the media library on your WordPress website.
  3. Click Add New next to the Media Library title (refer to the picture below).
  4. Click Select Files and choose the file that you want to upload. The file will be added to your media library.

* Note that WordPress may block certain files from being uploaded. Only media files are allowed. Any other file type has to either be uploaded directly onto your website server or on third party services like Dropbox.

Method 2 – Add Media through a Post or Page

The second method allows you to upload media directly on the Post or Page which you are adding or editing.

  1. Go to the Page or Post you want to edit or add a new Page or Post.
  2. An Add Media button is present below the title box and above the text editor box (refer to picture below).
  3. Files that are already in the media library can be used or new files can be added by clicking on Upload Files.
  4. Once the file is uploaded it can be immediately used in the existing Page or Post by clicking the Insert into post button towards the bottom right of the screen.


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