How to Add, Edit and Delete Pages and Posts

The most common task that website owners will conduct on their website is to add, edit and delete content. This is a simple process with WordPress. Once you have logged into WordPress, you can easily find the Pages and Posts section on the left menu. The process is the same for adding, editing or deleting both Pages and Posts.

Add New Page or New Post

  1. Click on Pages or Posts on the left menu.
  2. Once in the Pages or Posts overview, click the Add New button.
  3. You will be redirected to the Pages or Posts editor.

WordPress is a flexible and powerful content management system. There are many functions in the Pages or Posts editor. However, if you are new to WordPress then you should focus on the basic functionality. The single line text box is where you insert your Page or Post title. The multi-line text editor is where you insert your content, including text, pictures or videos.


2. Edit or Delete Pages and Posts

  1. Click on either Pages or Posts on the left menu.
  2. Hover your cursor on the Page or Post that you want to edit or delete. New options will be visible under the Page or Post title.
  3. Choose Edit, Quick Edit, Trash or View.


  • EDIT will redirect you to the editor section the specific Page or Post.
  • QUICK EDIT allows you to perform basic functions on the Page or Post without being redirected to the editor section.
  • TRASH will delete the Page or Post. This is not a permanent deletion and the Page or Post can still be recovered from the Trash folder.
  • VIEW will show you the Page or Post as it appears on the front-end of the website.

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